Sharp Collector BD 22.7L NESTABLE FUNNEL ENTRY TOP, Case of 12

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Product Code: 300483

Dimension: 13'' (W) X 17.5'' (H) X 9'' (D) 

Description: Sharp Container BD 22.7L Yellow Vent Cap

X-Large Sharp Container with an exclusive funnel-shaped opening and safety neck, these sharp collectors are nestable for easy storage. They allow point-first drop and reduce the risk of tampering and spilling. 
It is designed to protect healthcare workers from needles, syringes, lancets, razors and sharp objects. The lid automatically closes when full. Leak proof disposable container and puncture resistant. Can be wall mounted with a bracket sold separately

  • Clear top helps deter overfilling 
  • Point-first disposal 
  • One-way tamper resistant entry and safety neck 
  • Nestable for efficient storage 
  • Sturdy carrying handles 
  • Sturdy puncture-resistant construction 
  • Secure cap closure for safe transport