The Thermometer and Sanitizer Stand

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The thermometer + sanitizer + stand combo is an ideal display designed to deliver hands-free temperature readings and hand sanitizer. The stand includes a touchless thermometer that checks the user's forehead temperature while they sanitize their hands. This non-contact thermometer is non-invasive and takes a temperature reading instantly. If a fever is detected a red light is displayed along with 10 short beeps. If no fever is detected a green light is displayed.

The stand allows for height adjustmentso it can be used with adults or children. Enlist employees, students, and patrons to check their temperature and sanitize upon entry. Place the stand in every entrance and allow entry only to those who do not have a fever. Encourage hands-free sanitizing at the same time.



Thermometer and sanitizer stands can also be purchased separately. 

Thermometer with stand 


  • 1 second response
  • Takes a reading up to 10 cm away
  • Large bright screen


 Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with stand


Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Starter Kit allows for quick sanitizer set up in offices, hospitals, classrooms, and other high-volume facilities. The hands-free dispenser features an external on/off switch, a tamper-resistant lock system for added safety, and a key to allow convenient access for assigned personnel. Holds up to 1000ml of hand sanitizer inside a solid case of durable ABS plastic for lasting use. Mounting hardware allows for quick attachment to the included Hand Sanitizer Stand. Unit is battery powered by AAA batteries (sold separately).

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