Ankle brace allows maintaining the foot in inversion or eversion. The fast-lacing system helps the child to put the brace on and off very easily.

Size Ankle circumference Typical age How to measure
1 14 – 17 cm 2 – 6 years
2 17,5 – 20 cm 6 – 12 years


Active brace for children immobilizes the joint of your kid precisely. The brace supports and protects the ankle against strain, sprain, and fracture. Additionally, figure 8 straps allow maintaining the foot in pronation or supination, depending on the patient’s needs. The brace is equipped with lateral support which provides excellent stabilization and dynamic figure 8 straps. These straps stretch perfectly for maintaining the ankle in required pronation or supination. The more you pull the strap, the more supination or pronation position you receive.

Product attributes:
 AirRubber III™ has unidirectional elasticity.

 ActiveExpanse™ is an innovative, active 3D lamination with high air permeability. This spacer material is light made of 2 parts: external polyamide durable 3D layer and skin-friendly cotton layer with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Key Benefits / Purpose

  • ankle dislocation
  • injury of ankle ligaments
  • repetitive ankle sprains
  • ankle painful syndromes
  • after immobilization in a cast
  • chronic ankle instability and inflammation
  • protective in sport
  • ankle sprain and strain