Class 4 Sterilization Pouch 3.5''X10'', 4000 units (Boxed)

Class 4 Sterilization Pouch 3.5''X10'', 4000 units (Boxed)

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200pcs/box x 20 box/case

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Brand AMP 

Proper instrument sterilization is one of the important processes in the dental office. By choosing the correct pouch you protect your patients, your staff as well as your practice. As you compare each pouch become aware of the different features that each pouch has and carefully consider all these differences when making your next purchase. 

  • Class 4 internal/external indicators that only change color when all 3 criteria for sterilization have been met
  • Eliminates time & need of adding separate multi-variable indicators to each pouch
  • Internal/external multi-parameter indicator pouch
  • Constructed of the finest surgical grade paper
  • Multi-layer fracture-free tinted blue film to provide a clean, fibre-free peel
  • 100% Fail resistant, self-adhesive tape to ensure a perfect seal
  • 3 Parameter check (time, temperature, and steam)
  • Safe lead-free printed inks
  • Heat seal, self seal pouches and rolls using medical paper and film for steam and eto sterilization (Self seal pouches are 99% used in dental). 
  • In Canada it has to be a Class 4 pouch which uses a multi-parameter ink.  We also sell pouches in heat seal, self seal and rolls and that is mainly used for hydrogen peroxide sterilization (used in hospitals or OEM)