Antiseptic 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Pad- medium SterileAlliance Alcohol Prep Pads, 20 boxes/case

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  • Ideal for disinfecting wounds and small areas of your skin for optimum anti-bacterial action
  • Ideal for cleaning of your keyboard, phone screen, and other electronic devices.
  • Each alcohol pad is individually wrapped and sealed in an air tight poly-lined pouch that locks and keeps in moisture, so you'll never have to worry about dry wipes again.
  • These alcohol pads are 2-ply, small enough to keep them handy
  • These antibacterial wipes are latex-free and residue free made from non-woven cotton able to be used without leaving lint or fibers behind
  • These are disposable products, applied topically to disinfect prior to injection.

Packaging :

200/box, 20 boxes/case