This 4 in one kit has FOUR medical devices that provide you 24-hour Bunion care.
1- Day time Bunion aligner: For use between 9 am to 5 pm this Ultra-thin device fits comfortably into shoes and easy to slip on. It works on your toe muscles to keep your big toe in its natural position
2- Silicone Gel toe separators: For use between 6 pm to 9 pm these fit nicely between the 1st and 2nd toe and offers neat separation
3- Walkable Night splint: For use between 10 pm to 6 am this works during night time as you sleep to relax the toe muscles and aids to straighten the big toe
4- Toe exerciser: Latch this on to both big toes, while keeping the heels together. Stretch just the front of the foot as shown in picture. Do it once a day.4 to 5 reps.


- Reduced pain and dis-comfort
- Enables you to walk, jog and dance without discomfort of Bunions
- Can help in delaying Bunion surgery
- Will help you to prevent the Bunion from getting worse