Compression Stockings

Compression stockings prevent swelling and aching of the legs by improving circulation in the legs. The veins responsible for transporting the blood from our legs back to the heart have a tougher task compared to the arteries that take blood to the legs. The reason is gravity. Veins have to work against gravity to take the blood back to the heart. There are valves present in the veins that become leaky overtime and can result in red blood cells leaking outside. This causes swelling in the legs and feet and/or dull, achy pain at the end of the day. Another manifestation of this can be prominent and bulging veins on the feet, legs or thigh with or without blue-green discoloration known as varicose veins. Tiny, red or purple capillaries that are visible around the ankle called spider veins can also be present. These are irreversible once they form however, compression socks can be used to prevent them from getting worse. It is important to address and prevent these signs of venous insufficiency in order to stay pain free and active. Ignoring these signs can lead to chronic swelling that does not go away with elevation, dark spots on the skin called hemosiderin deposits, stasis eczema and slow wound healing in the later stages.

Compression stockings come in different levels of pressure or tightness. For prevention and early stages, medical grade 20-30mmHg compression is recommended. Many people find it harder to put on compression stockings as they are tight. Wearing the stockings within the first hour of waking up before your feet and legs start to swell will make it much easier to get them on.

Prevention is key! Who will benefit from using compression stockings?

  • People who are standing and/or walking for most of the day such as construction workers, individuals working in the service industry, teachers, medical professionals, police officers, and postal workers
  • Individuals who are sitting for most of the day such as students, public transit drivers and people with desk jobs
  • People who drive or travel a lot such as flight attendants
  • Pregnant women since they have increased pressure on their legs

Our compression socks come in a variety of fashionable colours and fabrics! We carry styles that can suit all your needs and fit into your lifestyle such as athletic, casual, and dress stockings. Come in to our clinic and have one of our certified fitters measure and fit you. Call us to make an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.