How to properly use hand sanitizer

Posted by Hillary Kwok on

Tips for Using Hand Sanitizer Properly:

  • Make sure the sanitizer you’re using contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Less concentrated versions won’t do much to kill microbes, leaving you with a false sense of security.
  • Don’t skimp on sanitizer. Use enough product to cover all surfaces of your hands, and don’t clean it off your hands until it has completely dried.
  • Don’t rely on hand sanitizer to clean your hands if they’re visibly dirty or greasy, or if you think you’ve recently come into contact with harmful chemicals. Sanitizer can’t completely clean off these kinds of contaminants—it’s time for a good old fashioned wash with soap and water. 
  • Only use hand sanitizer that is NPN certified by Health Canada like our Medlee brand which comes in various sizes, 236 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre or 4 litre 

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